REALTIME COMMUNICATIONS LLC owns, leases and operates high value digital assets. 


REALTIME COMMUNICATIONS has recently acquired the domain name and all digital rights to voterfeedback.com. The domain has been digitally re-branded from its former use and has now become part of the VOTER FEEDBACK brand of REALTIME COMMUNICATIONS.


REALTIME COMMUNICATIONS has taken the newly acquired domain name and created the SYNERGY app and its underling power of THE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM specifically designed for the voting population of WE THE PEOPLE to communicate to elected and appointed officials of the United States Government. As a voter-in-fact, which can only be proven by a voter registration, subscribers can now acquire additional leverage and power by having the ability to give VOTER FEEDBACK to elected and appointed officials frequently in order to have more input into the United States Government which governs over them.


The VOTER FEEDBACK brand has been digitally coupled to a powerful software communications program. In order for you to harness the power of the VOTER FEEDBACK brand the SYNERGY app must be used to access THE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM. The app can be used on most desktop computers, tablets, and mobile ready devices. The app is equally powerful on both Apple and Android devices. The SYNERGY app is Gatekeeper Free and doesn't require the use of applications space on your communication device. The SYNERGY app can be easily acquired by simply using your computer or mobile web browser.



Browse to voterfeedback.com and simply save this powerful app in your web browser as a favorite or save to your communication device home screen as a favorite.


Once the app is saved on your communication device it now becomes a turbo-charged SYNERGY communications tool that lets you take full advantage of the VOTER FEEDBACK spectrum in which to elevate and drive your organization movement issues so they are all in lockstep with one another and on the cutting edges of the most important topics and discussions being had, or being avoided, in the Washington DC swamp.


Corrupt politicians and the unelected deep state of Washington DC spoon-feed the legacy news organizations and media outlet groups to steer national discussions and ultimately drive all the political narratives. Using the SYNERGY app, you can now bypass the legacy media organizations to publicly address the issues that are important to you, speaking directly to our elected and appointed officials in Washington DC. This means the legacy media organizations are no longer in control of the political narratives as they once thought! Now you have all that power using the SYNERGY app and are empowered to do great things for our Country that our political leaders in Washington DC refuse to do without feeling the pressure directly from you!







An impressive feature of the SYNERGY app is the ability to see your POLITICAL FOOTPRINT and the issues that you are driving.


The messages you post, and the method and tone of your messaging becomes critical to the outcome of a movement's success. By tracking VOTER FEEDBACK communications posted to each elected and appointed official and the topics you address, voters are better equipped to map out a strategic plan of action to accomplish their movements end goal.


REALTIME COMMUNICATIONS created the first SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM to publicly document in REALTIME the VOTER FEEDBACK experiences of WE THE PEOPLE dealing with their elected and appointed government officials. These are the same WE THE PEOPLE of the United States Constitution who duly organized this form of Government to govern over them. Since that time, the American voter has only had a single voice in their Government once every two years at election time.


This is all about to change as we launch the SYNERGY app to give you a more powerful voice on all matters that are of concern to you. Only now, you do not have to wait two years to express your praise or criticism to your elected and appointed representatives by your bi-annual vote, instead, with a daily post using the SYNERGY app you can express your personal opinions into all matters that directly impact you and your family household every day.


No longer are legacy news organizations and media outlet groups able to steer the topics of discussion or to take all the air out of the critical political issues that are important to you. By your active participation and giving daily input to your elected and appointed government officials, which in-turn governs over you, you start the process of taking back the power of WE THE PEOPLE that the Government has knowingly usurped from you.


Subscribers can use the SYNERGY app to publicly post communications directly to their elected and appointed officials. You now have the power and ability to tell them in your own words about your lived experiences living under the policies they create using the SYNERGY app. You can tell them about using your tax dollars for their poor spending habits, about their proposed funding plans, or about any other topic of importance to you. Additionally, subscribers can use text, images and/or video in order to petition the United States Government to hear grievances, or to give their point-of-view, or to give support to elected or appointed officials to take a certain tack on important issues. Its these types of American patriots that are attempting to convince the same Administration they helped elect when they participated (or not) in the democratic election process, to hear and document their grievances and concerns, and then to act on them. All too frequently, grievances and concerns are not documented publicly and ultimately are never heard or acted upon. And in some cases, American citizens are jailed without being charged of a crime or are not given the opportunity to make bail because of their political alliances.


But all of that is about to change!


The frequency and the volume of VOTER FEEDBACK are determined by numerous factors but mostly include coordination with the actual legislative agenda being acted on in Congress; the intensity of the legislative issue; or the popularity of the issue by voters brought before the United States Congress for consideration.


In all of these things you NOW have a powerful daily VOTER FEEDBACK voice!







Are you IN-SYNC or not within your own political movement? Using the VOTER FEEDBACK brand as the source of power for driving movement issues and political narratives, in conjunction with the many voices of like-minded voters as the volume of intensity, the SYNERGY app can be used as an amplifier to amplify movement issues and a movement's voice all IN-SYNC and united by a common cause.


Voters no longer have to wait two years to exercise their political voice or flex their political might in the Washington DC swamp by publishing their VOTER FEEDBACK communications to elected and appointed officials for all to see, ending the long-standing process of generating phone calls and emails to officials that only end up in black holes or round files to never be seen or heard of again. Using the SYNERGY app, WE THE PEOPLE will be able to document in REALTIME all public communications to elected and appointed officials.


REALTIME COMMUNICATIONS mission is threefold and has three core pillars:




To bring Truth to Government messaging when communicating directly to American voters.


To bring Trust to Government by the policing of Government weaponization and bringing the equal application of Law and Justice to all.


To bring Transparency to Government and all accountable entities for their actions under one system of justice under the penalties of law.







The VOTER FEEDBACK brand was designed to be a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM for the registered voting population of WE THE PEOPLE. People that desire to publicly communicate their praise or criticism for the actions of their elected and appointed officials of the United States Government, which in-turn governs over them.


Gone are the days when lobbyists have the eyes and ears of elected and appointed officials of the United States Government in Washington DC 24/7/365 while WE THE PEOPLE only get their eyes and ears once every two years.






As the spiritually led Christian Founder of REALTIME COMMUNICATIONS my belief was at the time I was given this task to build a communications platform and an interface app was that I wasn't sure if I would be able to produce such a platform or an interface app that would have any significant use or value for political movements in such wild, lawless times as now. It also dawned on me there would already be an app for this purpose, however, as it turned out apparently not, at least not with this type of raw Spiritual power behind it.


So, throughout the trials and tribulations of building this platform under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit for the voterfeedback.com domain name and the underlying power of THE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM I relied heavily on the power of the Holy Spirit to guide me through the technical areas of app building, and then to penetrate the structural technical walls that cropped up along the way to hinder me in the progress. All of the technical problems encountered were well advanced and far beyond my own human skills and software coding capabilities.


But the Lord God is such an awesome God that He made a way to take this retired 68 year old empty shell and make use of my imperfect vessel once again to build a perfectly developed communications platform and interface app that worked superbly well, very much to my surprise, fresh out of the RADLAB to become THE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM and the SYNERGY interface app!


So currently, I am feeling spiritually confident to make a bold prediction that "if you provide the voting portion of WE THE PEOPLE more power in the form of a turbo-charged SYNERGY communications tool whereby they (when united with other like-minded individuals in a political cause and/or movement) can effectively and efficiently use their God given 1st Amendment rights to communicate their Voice using text, images and/or video as the determinate Will of the People to elected and appointed officials in Washington DC, then, the resulting changes that will follow in America will be directly proportionate to the national movement issue being addressed, and the shear intensity of the unified voters wanting and advocating for that change."


Our United States Government has been acting like a spoiled child that has never been in fear of being reproved, let alone of being controlled. So like a child in need of being reproved and controlled, after almost 250 years of operating the US Government unreproved, unsupervised, uncontrolled and being totally unaccountable to WE THE PEOPLE who granted them the power to govern, it is time for the voting portion of WE THE PEOPLE to use their power by using the SYNERGY app as a method of "How To" Train Your Government by reproving our leaders in Washington DC and to get them all on the right path of guiding our whole Nation back to health, wealth and prosperity, and not just for half the Nation or for the Washington elites and insiders!


You can use the SYNERGY app to do just that, to reprove our US Government by doing Show & Tell. Show our government in REALTIME text, images and/or video what their policies and agenda are doing to our Nation, to our States, and to our Counties, and not least of all, to our people and their children. Tell them in your own words how their policies are impacting you personally and your communities, your schools, and your churches.


There is enormous power in VOTER FEEDBACK.


Using VOTER FEEDBACK, we must try to convince each one of our elected and appointed officials of the Unites States Government to work together on our Nation's behalf, and on our peoples behalf, by using the voting portion of WE THE PEOPLE to communicate to each one of the elected and appointed officers of the United States Government to push for the highest and best use of our Nation, and in the highest and best interest of its people. 


So, to this end and for this very specific purpose, the Holy Spirit guided and helped me to create this VOTER FEEDBACK social media platform and the accompanying interface app that has a well-defined and unifying name called SYNERGY.


The synthesis between the app name and its motto can be simply and easily understood






Founder & Managing Member

Whoop Whoopler